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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner. ~Author Unknown

Today is the beginning of what my blog was really meant for.  I know that I "vented" about a few things that needed to be said/heard.  My blog will still be about what I think, see and feel but I now am taking it to the direction it was intended all along....I just didn't know it yet.

I truly had this blog Idea way before I even knew what a computer was much less what a "blog" was.  My idea was to share with others what I saw through the lens of my camera.  I, like many others, have seen some pretty amazing things through my camera lens.  Sometimes not even knowing what was really there until it was pointed out by others and what they saw.  Just like the photo below.  I took the photo but I didn't see the "ghost rider" until it was pointed out to me by others.
Ghost Rider
I began my interest in photography as a result of having had a "tough break" early on but later channeled it into the acquisition of a pretty nice (at that time) 35mm SLR...a Nikkormat FTN.  I was in my mind on the same playing field now as the big boys that published their photo's in LIFE, NatGeo, SI and so on.  I wasn't a photographer, just a "baby" Nikon owner.

I acquired some basic darkroom equipment, B&W, and I just did my thing.  I captured some really great moments/events on film and I suppose they still exist somewhere although I don't know where.  The remembrance of them still exists in my mind, therefore the imagination to see things a little differently still exists.

I recently seem to see animals heads and faces in rock formations.  The one pictured below is another example of how I took the photo but it wasn't until later when cropping to print it that I saw....well what do you see?

Some I see straightaway like the one below on a trip to the Cherokee Foothills recently.  I just had to get away from all the Flatland, Sand and Pine Trees.  I needed, my soul needed, to see some real grass, real trees and some autumn/fall color.  The color wasn't what I had hoped for but my wife and I never tire of seeing mountains.  Do you see a face?  Somewhat abstract like some paintings I've seen, however I saw the face just a easily as I see yours if I look at you.
Stone Face
While on the way home "from the hills" I began to think, where am I going to come up with all the great photo's that others seem to find in their travels.  The one person that comes to mind is Shona McMillan Celtic Reflections.

As I am writing my blog today it occurs to me that I am doing it, I just hadn't realized it yet.  So I'll end this entry with a bit of food for thought......

I never question what to do, it tells me what to do.  The photographs make themselves with my help.  ~Ruth Bernhard

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