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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Can Agree to Disagree - Tolerance of the Ignorant and Naive, It's a Two Way Street

My hope is to provide some day to day viewpoints, some of which will no doubt be radical and while not intended to "Flame" most likely will.  My thoughts are my own as are yours.  When I say "This is What I Think, This is What I Feel, This is What I See, you can't argue with how "I" feel or think....

It's how "I" feel about something and how I see it and how I feel about it.....Period.

When you say, This is How You Feel, Think, See things....I can't argue with it or say you are wrong

It's how  "YOU"  feel about something and how YOU see it and how  YOU feel about it.....Period.

Another way to put it is.....respect of others opinions without agreeing with them (or pulling some ghetto stunt).

I don't have to "like" your viewpoint(s), or even like you for that matter and I most likely won't, but I would like to think that in a fully developed civilized society which we have yet to achieve but would like others to believe we have and to subscribe to our Golden Ideals of respectfulness which we preach but don't practice.

Learning to "get along" and just be polite dammit!  Is that so hard to do or comprehend?  It must be because the older I get the less I see of the common everyday courtesies that I grew up with and was told was mandatory!

Here are a few examples:
1.  I have a slight disability with my knee and most days I need to use a brace and/or walking cane to keep the pressure off my knee.  I go to the same convenience store every other day and have for the past couple of years so it would be safe to assume that a few folks recognize me, as I do them.  Now I come to my point, with my knee brace and walking cane, 100% of  people will go out of their way to hold the door for me, ask me if  I need help.  Black, Brown, White, Yellow (haven't had a little green one yet but would expect better results as they are touted to be a more advanced civilization) it doesn't matter skin color.  It matters that I have what they perceive to be a "NEED" of their courtesy.  Odd thing is I have that same need without it as I would extend to the person behind me, carrying a package or a child, or can sense someone is in a greater hurry than I.

Now to my second point of this above example, some days I have the need to take pain medication and while medicated it doesn't hurt as bad and so for that short walk into the store (where my Wife has driven me because I do not drive while on pain medication) I don't have on a brace or the walking cane and 90% of the same people don't even give me a second look.  What is the difference in the courtesies being extended or denied?  Sorry if you were looking for the answer to that as I do not have it.  You will need to do some research on your own to identify personality compatibility and idiosyncrasy.

Ok if that didn't cause you to come up with a thousand ways to tell me I'm wrong ( you can't, it's what I think, see and feel.....remember?) here is another example.
2.  Respect of personal space.  Some people don't mind if you get "in their face" and others do.  I have a four foot space that I don't like invaded by strangers (a stranger is someone other than family and not all family are exempt).  I grew up in a fairly large town and there were certain parts of town that you didn't go to if you were not born on that street or were not related to someone that lived there and even then that didn't get you too far.  If you violated that "space" you were told you were not welcome and if you persisted you most likely got your ass kicked, you know the good ole kind of one on one type that was only intended to teach you a lesson not maim or kill.  Yes there were a few souls that didn't have a clue of what "Common Sense and the Fear of God meant and they would attempt to show out.  It didn't last long.  I respect your space and you respect mine.  After all I don't just show up at your house and come busting in 'cause I don't think I ought to have to knock on the door.  A bit of a stretch but the principle is the same.

Today's definition of  Respect/Disrespect are not the same as when I was being brought up.  An Aussie acquaintance once gave me their definition of those who have manners and those who don't as "I was brought up, not drug up", the latter being without manners.  My grandfather had a similar saying, "Po people have Po ways".

Ok back to it, now the Ghetto Style would be a few drive by shootings, gang rapings, gang stabbings, gang beatdowns on one poor soul that could only survive if they had a Dillon Aero M134.  I have witnessed a beatdown on a single person because someone didn't like them looking at them..."they were eyeballin, plottin on me.  He look like he wanna do sumpin to me".

Ok my point to #2 is simple, there are just some places and at some times that we just don't belong or need to be where we are.  If  the "offenders" innocently encroach we should "cut 'em some slack and let 'em pass".  Now this brings me to what I would suppose is my clincher.  I am a fixin to get personal so the faint of heart and those with overly sensitive sensibilities.....the exit is down the hall and to the left.  Are they gone yet?  Oh well if not they were warned.

Lets presume you know a family that just had a homosexual member die of you really think it's respectful to publicly tell any kind of "fag" joke (when I lived in Oz it was common to go outside the restaurant and drink a beer and have a fag with your mates....a smoke) .  If you can't see the harm in it then I invite you to go over to Brown Road in South Richmond County or 2160 and "show out".  I did go into 2160 once but was with a person that vouched for me.  I REALLY didn't want to go inside because I knew I didn't belong but against my better judgement and repeatedly being told  It's ok I know 'em I'll vouch for you, I went inside.  That lasted about 2 minutes and both me(Caucasian) and my 'bro (you figure it out) had to make a quick getaway while dodging a few bottles and pool cue's.  Me for even thinking about it and him for being STOOPID for bringing me in there.  I laugh now but it wasn't even a little funny then.  Oh yeah....this was in the middle 70's y'all.

If you are an American, and if you don't know what that fully entails you don't belong here....GET OUT until you are ready to be an American.  Lets presume you had a family member die as a result of ANYTHING to do with Muslim's, Islam, Sharia Law, September 11, 2001, do you find it RESPECTFUL that anything or anyone to do with Muslim's, Islam or Sharia Law would want to place a place of worship on the spot where America suffered our Nations most tragic event?  That place of worship has NOTHING to do with remorse, repentance or be a place where a common healing for all affected peoples could EVER take place?

I can accept the Muslim religion wanting to put up a Mosque, but NOT THERE!  It's not respectful of the suffering of American's be they Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, Holy Rollers, Mormon's or Muslim (if I left any religion out....TUFF STUFF.  It's my Blog and I can omit whomever I want) and I'd hazard a guess there were some people of all of those religious faiths that died in the attack on the Twin Towers that had NOTHING to do with it.  Okay, maybe no Holly Rollers as I don't think they live in the Cit-tay.  They were everyday people that were just trying to make a living and go home to their respective families.  If it were to serve a COMMON purpose for Healing, bringing about a respectful resolve to "What I think, feel, see" then that is a different story.  

It's what I think, it's how I feel

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